What to Do in Raja Ampat

List of Things to Do in Raja Ampat: Village Tours to Shark Feeding

Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting of several islands. The beauty of the islands in Raja Ampat makes the area one of the best marine tourism destinations in Papua. So what can be done in Raja Ampat?

What to Do in Raja Ampat

Please note that the Raja Ampat Islands are in the westernmost part of Papua. This regency has four large beautiful islands namely Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool Islands. The total number of islands in Raja Ampat is 612.

When tourists visit Raja Ampat, there are many activities that can be done, both on land and water, which are as follows.

1.Visit the Tourism Village of Arborek Tourism Village

Raja Ampat has tourist villages that are open to all tourists, both foreign and domestic. One of the tourist villages that can be visited is Arborek Tourism Village. The people in the village are still thick with culture.

Tourists will find many new things in Arborek Tourism Village such as watching dance performances, seeing how people produce Arborek woven crafts, and tasting local cuisine.

2.Trekking in Piaynemo

Piaynemo is one of the icons of Raja Ampat. In this place, tourists can do trekking to enjoy the scenery and living creatures around the island.

Trekking activities at Piayemo can be done by all ages, from children to the elderly. The reason is, there is already a track in the form of wooden stairs with 320 steps. During the trip, tourists can watch plants and animals such as birds passing around the steps. After reaching the top, tourists can witness the beauty of the karst cluster located in the middle of a vast blue sea.

3.Bird Watching in Saproken

Raja Ampat is also a paradise for birds, which is why bird watching is often done in Saproken. One of the most popular birds in Saproken is the bird of paradise, a native Papuan bird.

Bird watching activities are carried out on foot. Travelers must prepare enough physical and supplies so as not to get tired. 

4.Island hopping in Raja Ampat

Since Raja Ampat has so many islands, the recommended activity to do in this region is island hopping. Travelers can visit one island and then move to another.

Some spots that can be explored by tourists include Pencil Rock, Kabui Bay, Piaynemo, Tano, Telaga Bintang, and many other spots.

5.Diving in Misool Island

Travelers are advised to enjoy the underwater scenery by diving. The panorama of marine life in Raja Ampat has even been recognized internationally. One of the must-try spots is the waters around Misool Island.

6.Snorkeling in Sawandarek Village

Snorkeling activities are also highly recommended for tourists. One of the destinations is Sawandarek Village. This village is very famous for its underwater beauty. Visitors will find mandarin fish, seahorses, yellow tails, and many more.

7.Feed the Sharks

When else to feel the sensation of feeding sharks. Travelers can do this in Piaynemo, located in Groot Fam, Saukabu, Raja Ampat Islands. In this place, tourists will be accompanied by a guide to feed the sharks from land.

That’s the list of things to do in Raja Ampat. Visit our website to get interesting and latest information.


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