Sawinggrai Attraction

The Attractiveness of Sawinggrai, a Favorite Tourism Village in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has been recognized worldwide for its beautiful natural charm, from its beaches to its underwater beauty. However, you need to know that there are other interesting places in the form of tourist villages, namely Sawinggrai Village.

Sawinggrai Village is located in the Raja Ampat area and is suitable to be your favorite tourist destination. This is because tourists can see birds of paradise directly. In addition, there are several interesting things about Sawinggrai Village, including the following.

Sawinggrai’s Attractions Not Found Elsewhere

  1. There are Various Types of Birds of Paradise
    When visiting Sawinggrai Village, you can see various types of birds of paradise, including the Belah Rattan Bird of Paradise, Large Golden-tailed Bird of Paradise, Small Golden-tailed Bird of Paradise, and Red Bird of Paradise. To see the birds of paradise, you have to climb the hill at 6-8 am and 4-6 pm. You can capture the moment the birds of paradise make unique movements such as dancing. The movement is done by male Cendrawasih to attract the attention of female Cendrawasih.
  2. The Tourism Village is Still Beautiful
    For those of you who are used to living in the city, seeing the beautiful Sawinggrai Village is a mood booster in itself. When you arrive at the dock and enter Sawinggrai village, a calm atmosphere is felt.
    You can see the hills with lush trees. The dwellings there are made using wood with roofs made of leaves.
  3. Underwater Beauty
    Sawinggrai Tourism Village also has marine beauty that is not inferior to other places. You can swim and snorkel in this tourist spot. Sawinggrai Village is famous for having coral reefs with diverse patterns and various types of unique fish.

    For those of you who can’t swim, you can take a walk on the pier while feeding the fish. There are various types of beautiful small fish in Sawinggrai. You can see the fish because the sea water is very clear.

To enjoy the appeal of Sawinggrai, you can head to the Moes Mansar District in the Raja Ampat region. If you want an easier journey, then you can travel from Sorong. From here you can rent a motorboat to Waisai, Raja Ampat. Then you can continue the journey using a longboat to the Sawinggrai tourist village.

Once there, don’t forget to enjoy Sawinggrai Village’s culinary specialties, namely roasted coconut sago and other traditional culinary delights.
Those are some of the attractions of Sawinggrai that you need to know.

Although it takes a long time to get to the location, you will not regret it when you arrive at this village.


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