How to get to Raja Ampat from Jakarta

How to Get to Raja Ampat from Jakarta: from Transportation to Cost Estimates
There are many ways to get to Raja Ampat from Jakarta, especially using public transportation. The cost to get to Raja Ampat is also quite affordable. You can choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

How to get to Raja Ampat from Jakarta

This article will provide information on how to get to Raja Ampat from Jakarta using several transportation options. It should be underlined that these options are only approximate. For further certainty, it is recommended to contact a travel agent or transportation service provider.

  1. From Jakarta to Sorong Papua
    As is known, Raja Ampat is in West Papua. To reach Raja Ampat from Jakarta, tourists can use an airplane from Soekarno-Hatta Airport, but it only stops until Sorong City, Papua, namely at Domine Eduard Osok Airport. While the duration of the plane trip is approximately 6 hours 40 minutes.
    While the airlines available from Jakarta to Sorong are Garuda Indonesia and Batik Air with ticket prices of approximately IDR 2.1 million per person. There are several choices of departure hours, namely 00.30 WIB, 00.35 WIB, 02.30 WIB, and 07.10 WIB.
  2. From Sorong to Raja Ampat
    After arriving in Sorong City, tourists can continue their journey to Raja Ampat. There are two options of public transportation that can be chosen as follows.
  • Airplane
    From Sorong to Raja Ampat, tourists can fly to Marinda airport using a Cessna pioneer aircraft owned by Susi Air or can use an aircraft owned by Wings Air.
    The Sorong to Marinda Raja Ampat flight schedule for Wings Air is open every day. For Susi Air, the flight schedule is only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Ticket price information must be asked because it only serves offline sales, but the ticket price is approximately IDR 500 thousand per person (prices and flight schedules are subject to change).
  • Sea Ship
    An alternative vehicle from Sorong to Raja Ampat is by boat. To access it, tourists must go to Sorong Harbor to reach Waisai Harbor and end up in Raja Ampat. The distance from Sorong airport to Sorong harbor is also not far. Travelers can use a taxi.
    Travel from Sorong harbor to Raja Ampat via Waisai Harbor can be done by ferry. There are two types of ferries, fast and regular, with each trip duration of 2 hours.
    The ticket price for the Sorong to Waisai port ferry is approximately IDR 100,000, while the VIP class is around IDR 300,000. Regarding the ferry departure schedule, there are 2 departures a day, Monday – Friday at 9am and 2pm. While Sabut days are served at 9am and 12pm local time.


It should be emphasized that the above method of getting to Raja Ampat from Jakarta is predictive. To be sure, contact your trusted travel agent.


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