Getting to know Arborek Tourism Village

Get to Know Arborek Tourism Village: History, Facilities, and List of Things to Do

Getting to know Arborek Tourism Village can start from the natural beauty that can be enjoyed at any time. This spot is highly recommended to be visited by tourists. It is so beautiful that Arborek Island is included in the list of the top 50 Indonesian Tourism Village Awards in 2021.

Getting to know Arborek Tourism Village

Arborek Tourism Village is a cultural tourism destination in Meosmansar District, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. This island has an area of approximately 7 hectares. Apart from the beautiful scenery, Arborek Village is known for its strong culture.

One of the unique things about Arborek Tourism Village is its history. The word Arborek itself is Biak language which means “thorn”. The name was indeed taken from the Biak language because Arborek was discovered by Biak sailors who found an empty island overgrown with thorny plants. Because it was uninhabited, the white sandy island was then used as a village until it was named Arborek.

Things to Do in Arborek Tourism Village

Arborek Village is also a destination for tourists. Many activities that can be done in this village are as follows.

1. Enjoy the Village Atmosphere by Staying Overnight
For tourists who want to enjoy the rural atmosphere of the Arborek coast, try to rent a homestay. Homestay facilities are widely available in the village.

2. Take a Walk to Enjoy the Scenery on Land
After staying overnight, tourists can take a morning walk around the Arborek Tourism Village. To explore this village, it takes approximately 30 minutes on foot. Tourists will be spoiled by white beach sand and fresh air.

3. Try Making Wickerwork
Arborek Tourism Village residents are very good at making wicker crafts, especially mothers. Handicraft products in Arborek village include stingray-shaped hats called Kayafyof, and Kapowen bags, which are sling bags made from cycad leaves. This product is typical of Raja Ampat.

4. Fresh Seafood Culinary Tour
One activity that should not be missed is enjoying the culinary of Arborek Village, namely fresh grilled fish. The fish taken is the catch of fishermen who are definitely fresh. In addition, the spices in the grilled fish will also spoil the tongue.

5. Diving
It’s a loss if you visit Arborek Tourism Village but miss diving. Raja Ampat, including Arborek Village, is famous for its underwater life. Diver will see coral reefs to colorful fish that are not found anywhere else. Meanwhile, the water around the village waters is very clear. No need to be afraid of diving because there are professional divers who are ready to accompany tourists.

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