Customary Restrictions in Raja Ampat

Customary Restrictions in Raja Ampat: Taking Lobsters and Sea Cucumbers to Not Disturbing Sharks

Until now, people in Raja Ampat still uphold the customs passed down by their ancestors. Even the customary prohibitions in Raja Ampat still apply. The prohibition is in the form of taking natural resources.

Customary Restrictions in Raja Ampat

This article will discuss information about the customary prohibitions that apply in Raja Ampat and must be obeyed not only by the local community but also by tourists.

Ban on Sea Cucumber and Lobster Harvesting

One of the customary prohibitions that is still valid and firmly held by the people in Raja Ampat is Sasi, which is a prohibition on taking natural resource products (SDA) at a mutually agreed upon time and location.

The Sasi customary prohibition exists in Aduwei Village in North Misool District, Raja Ampat, West Papua. This village is dominated by a water area of approximately 200 hectares, from Tanjung Hanta to Joomsip (Muaraful). Aduwei Village is not only vast, but also has amazing marine life.

Sasi is held by men in Aduwei Village. But now the custom is managed by a women’s group. The group’s move was inspired by a group of women in Kapatcol Village. They are also known as the initiators of the Raja Ampat women’s Sasi.

The Sasi guardian group itself is called Joom Jak Sasi, which can be interpreted as Women Guarding the Sea. This group is determined to protect and preserve marine biota through tradition. They are entrusted with ulayat rights, which are the highest control rights in customary law communities over land and territory.

The Sasi customary prohibition that applies in Raja Ampat is in the form of a one-year ban on taking sea cucumbers and lobsters. If in practice there is a violation, then the violator will be dealt with according to customary law decided through a traditional trial.

Jumping off the Pier Bridge into the Water for Snorkeling is Prohibited

The community in Arborek Village, Meos Mansar District, West Papua has a customary rule where villagers and tourists are prohibited from jumping off the pier bridge into the water to snorkel. The rule aims to maintain the habitat of various fish in the waters.

If you want to dive, it must be done slowly so that the coral reefs in the water do not experience stress that affects their comfort.

No Fishing at the Pier

The community also has a rule not to fish in the dock area. Not only applies to tourists, this rule also applies to local people who work as fishermen, both adults and children. This rule applies according to mutual agreement.

Approaching Sharks and Groupers is prohibited

This customary rule applies to clan names for the people of Misool, Raja Ampat, West Papua. People who have clans are prohibited from disturbing, holding, and even eating sharks and groupers.

It is said that the punishment that will be received by people who violate is mystical. Violators will experience itching like scabies. Even scarier, the violator can go into a trance for disturbing the two types of fish.

These are some of the customary prohibitions in Raja Ampat. Visit our website to get interesting information related to Raja Ampat.


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