4 Exotic Waterfalls in Raja Ampat

In every corner of Raja Ampat, there is a beauty that mesmerizes everyone. Not only does it have beautiful seas and beaches, but the exotic waterfalls in Raja Ampat are not to be missed.
Waterfalls in Raja Ampat are widely known as beautiful spots because they have very beautiful scenery as well as clear, fresh water.

Exotic Waterfalls in Raja Ampat
If you’re already satisfied exploring the beaches and sea in Raja Ampat, try to enjoy the waterfalls. There are several waterfalls in Raja Ampat that can be visited by tourists, as follows.

  1. Arawai Waterfall in Maylibit Bay Area
    One of the highlights of Arawai waterfall is that the water flow is connected to the sea. This waterfall comes from Mount Noch, the highest mountain in Raja Ampat.
    Arawai Waterfall is not too high but lined up to flow into the sea. Tourists can immediately feel the freshness of this waterfall by drinking it directly.
  2. Batanta Waterfall on Batanta Island
    As the name suggests, Batanta Waterfall is located on Batanta Island. This tourist destination is still rarely touched by humans because to reach this spot, visitors must walk 1 km from the nearest village and have to break through the forest. Even so, during the trip tourists will be presented with fresh air and enjoy animals and plants that live wild.
    The height of this waterfall reaches 10 meters with rocks around the flow. In addition to the waterfall, there is also a small cave hiding behind the waterfall.
  3. Warengkris Waterfall in Maylibit Bay
    In Maylibit Bay, there is a cliff that holds a waterfall as high as 5 meters. To get to this waterfall, tourists must be careful because the rocky road is quite slippery because it is overgrown with green-brown moss.
  4. Warinkabom Waterfall in Arefi Selatan Village
    For tourists who are looking for waterfalls in Raja Ampat, try to visit Warinkabom Waterfall, which is located in Arefi Selatan village near Yensawai Timur village, Bantanta Utara District.

To get to Warinkabom, tourists must travel for 1 hour from Waisai using a speed boat. The water in Warinkabom is not so heavy, but the water that flows is quite abundant. In this place tourists can bathe or just play water in the waterfall area.
Not only the waterfall spot, the trip to Warinkabom is also very beautiful. Tourists will be presented with a beautiful view of the mangrove forest. The air around this spot is also very fresh so it is worth a visit.

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