Blue Magic

A reef going from 8 to 30 meters deep

Blue Magic dive site is a pinnacle reef out in the open ocean, situated between the island of Kri to the Southwest and the main island of Waisai to the Northeast, in the Dampier Strait. Blue Magic is one of the most popular sites in Northern Raja Ampat and without a doubt one of the best dive sites in the whole archipelago. This reef starts at around 8 meters of the surface and descends down to a depth of approximately 30 meters. Everywhere you look is full of life, colors and movement.

Huge diversity of Pelagic

The reason why Blue Magic is so popular among divers, is because it features lots of pelagic fish. The name of the site comes from the clear blue waters around the pinnacle and the magic of diving in a site with such a large number of pelagic fish. Most of these fish gather at this dive site either to feed or to be cleaned, as there are several cleaning stations, a display that can be regularly observed by divers.
The biodiversity of Blue Magic is quite large, so divers should look out for the many different species that can be found. The pelagic fish include many different species of jack fish, the most common type of fish seen in the site, often swimming together near the surface, as well as tuna and oceanic Manta Rays swimming out in the deep blue. Grey reef sharks are also frequent here, along with white tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks.


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